Don't Stop Believing Upcycle

Don’t Stop Believing Upcycle!

One of my favorite things to do is turn something hideous into something that I think it pretty cool. It's a fun and challenging hobby that can also be rewarding. For example, I won a free Mini iPad from last year for this old coffee pot that I turned into a fish bowl. This upcycle has received the most pins out of … [Read More...]


10 Health Benefits of Spinach

Share with friends:Spinach is one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. Personally, I love spinach and I have ever since I was a kid. Like most kids, I only ate it because Popeye did. Unfortunately, my son has yet to see and learn Popeye. Maybe then he’ll appreciate this powerful green leafy veggie and […]

Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth Naturally

Natural Remedy to Whiten Teeth

Share with friends:Using activated charcoal to whiten teeth has been my favorite way to brighten my smile. And trust me, I’ve used it all, from painful whitening strips to ineffective whitening toothpastes. Activated charcoal is different than the charcoal you buy at the grocery store for your grill. Activated charcoal is specially manufactured for health […]

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