Witch Hazel: Nature’s Hidden Beauty Secret

Secret Beauty All Natural Witch Hazel

“Beauty isn’t cheap” is a statement that is far from true. Throughout my 28 years of life, I have purchased a ridiculous amount of “miracle” products. From cleansers, toners, to blemish-control products: I have tried them all. Most of these products can be pretty expensive. Depending on the brand, you can pay anywhere from $5-$80+ [...]

Gluten-Free Pizza!


Yes, you read that correctly… Gluten. Free. Pizza!! I’m pretty sure that 100% of people have decided to go gluten-free due to the health benefits that it has on their bodies. It’s definitely not for the taste. As a previous bread lover, I had no interested in a gluten-free lifestyle. That is, of course, until [...]

How to Find a “Good” Doctor

How to Find a GOOD doctor

I’m 28 years old. Before I became a work at home mom, I was a nurse. I worked in two different doctors offices and one clinic. One question that I never really understood was when people asked me to schedule them with a good doctor. I always thought, ‘Well, they’re all good. They made it through [...]

Freebie Friday: FREE Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt!

FREEBIE: Dannon Oikos® Greek Yogurt Coupon 2014-04-18 08-09-24 2014-04-18 08-09-39

Make sure to update your SavingStar account today! Today’s Friday Freebie is for one 5.3 oz cup of Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt. This offer expires on Sunday, 4/20. Click here to enjoy your freebie!

New York Strip: Big Green Egg

NY Strip Apple Wood Green Egg

This was probably the best steak I have ever cooked. Period. I bought two New York Strip steaks and salt and peppered them. I used charcoal and apple wood. My husband cuts down a lot of trees so we have been experiencing with different types of wood. So far, the apple is my favorite. It [...]

Free $10 Gift Card at Target When You Buy 3 P&G Items

free gift card target

When you shop at Target, you can score a FREE $10 gift card when you buy 3 participating P&G items. This is available all week long and ends on 4/19. Click here to learn more! Check out the items that you can buy in store to receive this special promotion:      

5 Ways to Ease Into Gluten-Free

ease into gluten free

The gluten-free diet is one of the most talked about diets right now. It’s not a diet that is specifically designed for people that want to lose weight. People who suffer from celiac and thyroid diseases also take on the guten-free lifestyle. Personally, I decided to go gluten-free after seeing several different doctors regarding my [...]

McDonald’s Happy Meal Planter Upcycle

Recycled McDonalds Happy Meal Planter Herbs

McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes are too cool not to reuse. I actually ran out of planters this year and I still had cilantro to plant. So, I cut the top off of my sons’ Happy Meal box and voila: an immediate indoor herb garden!   I did tape the bottom to avoid any accidental messes. [...]

How to Go Gluten Free Without Going Broke


It’s no secret that gluten-free foods are expensive. Ever since I made the decision to switch to gluten-free, I have been trying to find ways to save at the grocery store. The problem is, my grocery store carries very little gluten-free products to begin with. So, I decided to take to the internet in hopes [...]