GI Joe Fumanchu

50 Money Makers from Thrift Stores: Part 2

Continued from Part 1 of "50 Money Makers from Thrift Stores". I resell various collectibles and antiques on several websites and also in a local antique/collectible store. There is a new app that you can download called Mercari. Right now, it's free to sell your items while they are in their launching phase. Mercari has grown … [Read More...]

A Weekend Without Mold

A Week Without Toxic Mold

I just wanted to update this blog in regards to my current toxic mold situation. My husband had an event to go to for work this past week that was 3 hours away. My … [Read More...]

Gypsy Queen Fortune Telling Cards

Vintage Tarot Cards and Fortune Teller Cards

Share with friends:I am so excited to have added some amazing vintage cards to my Etsy shop! I have a lot of random vintage items for sale right now that you are welcome to check out. Once everything is gone, I would like to sell only spiritual items, since that is what I am most […]

Can Mold Make You Depressed

Toxic Mold Health Update

Share with friends: A lot of people are interested in how my health has been since we remediated a portion of our house. To put it simply, I feel alive again. I feel significantly better. However, I am not 100% back to normal yet. I feel as though I have lost my late 20’s to […]

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