10 Reasons to Go Vintage!

10 Reasons to LOVE Vintage Clothing

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10 Reasons to Go Vintage!

I’m not talking vintage-inspired… I’m referring to legitimate old school attire. The kind of clothes that are likely to smell of mildew and mothballs. When you look at true vintage clothing, it’s more than likely not going to look fresh, unless it’s been stored in plastic for all these years. Most vintage clothes will have age spots and stains on creases.

There is SO much to love about authentic vintage. I sell a lot of clothing and accessories on eBay and Mercari. I sell more vintage items than I do “new age”, and vintage also sells for substantial amounts more. So, I am obviously not alone in my obsession with vintage items. Here are 10 Reasons to LOVE Vintage Clothing:

  1. **MADE IN USA!**

    Made in USA

    Check your tags! I had to make this #1 on the list, for ‘Merica. Every time I get an article of clothing that was made in the USA, I do a little “happy dance” inside. It’s rare and that’s sad. But it’s not so uncommon when you come across vintage clothing. If you strive to buy only “USA Made” items, then vintage clothing is your best bet.

  2. Bringin’ Sexy Back.

    Honestly, I have never been able to keep up with the latest fashion trends. So wearing vintage clothing is actually a win/win for people like me. Vintage clothing is actually “in” right now. However, no two people are going to rock the same vintage outfit. It’s just not going to happen. You can pick your decade and just go with it. No matter what, it’s cool.

  3. Not perfect.

    Flaws are okay and accepted when you rock a vintage outfit. In fact, they are somewhat impressive. It gives you a reason to inform people that you are wearing a “TRUE” vintage item.

    “Yeah, see those age spots here? You’ll only get that with a shirt straight from the 70’s.”

    Boom. In your face.

  4. Fun *\o/*

    What’s more fun than wearing something that nobody has seen for decades, if ever? “Not much”, is right! Cue Bonnie Raitt’s, “Something to Talk About“…

  5. Earthy.

    Loving your planet is a HUGE reason to wear vintage. As Americans, we throw away 13 million tons of textiles each year. That is 28,660,094,084 pounds, or 28 BILLION pounds. Each year. I love the fact that Goodwill Outlets donate their unpurchased clothing to people of less-fortunate countries.
    I love recycling and refurbishing. It really bothers me to have to throw something away so when possible, I either recycle, refurbish, or donate. I even feed our leftovers foods to the wild critters in the back woods. You’re welcome, foxes, raccoons, and hawks. Just stay away from my chickens.Wearing vintage clothing is a great way to help save the Earth. The amount of clothing that is available far exceeds our population.

  6. One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

    Yard Sale Buy All the Things
    Spotting a sweet vintage article of clothing always gives me high. Who needs crack on a sunny Saturday morning that is full of yard sales? That’s right, nobody.

  7. Memories.

    Sweet, sweet memories. Sometimes, all it takes is a piece of vintage attire to spark one’s memory. I don’t know how many times I have nerded out in Goodwill, probably embarrassing my poor children, about an *NSync t-shirt or anything that is flippin’ Lisa Frank.
    Vintage NSync Shirt

  8. Cost Efficient

    Most people don’t realize that vintage clothing is highly sought after. If you’re on a tight budget, then those are the people that you want to find. Or, if you don’t have the time to spend rummaging through thrift stores or hitting up yard sales, you can always check on eBay and Etsy to find some unique pieces. However, you are likely going to pay a pretty penny for these items. I sell a lot of vintage items on both my eBay and Etsy accounts. I think I keep prices very reasonable and plan on keeping them that way.

  9. Unique

    If you strive to go against the crowd, or always do exactly opposite of what everyone else is doing, then vintage could make your clothing choices a whole lot easier. Being the “weird kid” is a whole lot cooler than people give him/her credit for. It takes a lot of guts to not give in to peer pressure and become another follower of what everyone else is doing, saying, or wearing.

  10. Quality

    Do you know why we are still able to find dresses from the 50’s that are still in excellent condition? Because they were made to last. Part of it is because of my #1) at the top of the list: items were made in the United States of America. They were made with TLC.
    I have a feeling that in 20+ years, we are not going to be able to come across clothing that was made nowadays. Materials that are used are paper thin. You’ll even notice that after one wash, your plain, $20.00 t-shirt looking tattered and faded. Shameful. Wasteful. Sad.

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