10 Things to Know About Misophonia

10 Things Someone with Misophonia Wants You to Know

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I don’t swear often, but when I do, it’s usually because of my misophonia. That sounds like one of those memes with that guy from the Dos Equis commercial. Okay then, I’ll just make one:

Misophonia Meme

But honestly, nothing irritates me more than my misophonia triggers. Actually, irritation is an understatement.

Scratchy tags in the back of your shirt are irritating.

Going into work on your day off? Yeah, that’s irritating.

However, someone chewing gum with the faintest of chewing sounds can enrage me enough to flip over a table.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “misophonia”, it is described as “the hatred of sound”. However, it’s not the hatred of every sound…Just the annoying ones, which vary from person to person. Trigger sounds can be as loud as a marching band but also as quiet as a mouse.

Common Misophonia Triggers

Someone with misophonia doesn’t just hear the trigger. They see it. They feel it.

For example: one of my personal triggers are clicky pens. You know, the kind of pen that has a button to push when you are ready to write. People absolutely looove to click-click-click-click-click these pens until their precious little thumbs fall off. Well, if I plug my ears when someone is clicking their pen repeatedly, I am still bothered, even when I can’t hear the sound of the “click”.

I can still see them. So, I close my eyes…

And yep. Still bothered.

I can still feel the sound of the clicking in my ears. I literally have to get up, leave the room, and refocus my attention. Deep breathing or going for a walk usually does the trick.

Misophonia isn’t a well-known disorder and therefor, isn’t talked about much. But it is a real problem and a real disturbance in the quality of life from those who suffer with it. So, I’d like to share some personal information that may help some of you out there who either suffer with the disorder, know little about it, or know someone who has it:

10 Things Someone with Misophonia Wants You to Know
10 Things to Know About Misophonia

  1. We can’t just ignore it. If we could, we would.
    2. Don’t take it personally. We don’t hate you, we just hate whatever it is that you’re doing.
    3.  Clicky pens belong in one place: Hell.
    4. Many people with misophonia never say a word about what triggers their disorder. Because of that, they tend to bottle up the emotion, which can recycle itself into rage.
    5. Earplugs are as important as brushing your teeth.
    6. We’re not crazy and we can’t magically “fix” our reaction to triggers.
    7. When someone sets off a trigger, we can’t concentrate or hear anything else. For example, if you are talking to someone who is annoyed by loud chewing, and you just so happen to be chewing gum like a cow, they can’t hear you. All they can hear is the chewing and FYI- they’re probably enraged. Because of the inability to pay attention to anything else, misophonia has been linked to ADHD.
    8. When you intentionally provoke our reaction to a trigger, we really just want to punch you in the face. And P.S., it’s not funny.
    9. There is no cure. There is no medication that treats misophonia. In fact, there aren’t even many solutions or tips other than removing yourself from or avoiding the trigger.
    10. Public places can be a complete nightmare.
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    1. Oh how I feel the same about chewing and clicky items but my next trigger is the noises of those plastic bags you get from every store or the crackling of a bottled drink and oh the sound of two dry hands rubbing together (I carry lotion and offer it to those who have such dry hands in hope they’ll take me up on my offer to end my misery) I’m often secluded from my family at Meal time do that they don’t trigger more and/or I don’t ruin their meal….I have a life time supply if eat ear plugs for if the day comes that I actually make it out of my house (rarely does this occur my anxiety gets the best of me before I even leave the house) this is a very debilitating disorder! And that’s not even taking about the lack of knowledge from the medical profession!

    1. Snoring. UGH. My theory was the because it’s semi-random and not constant and predictable (I love white noise sounds)- my brain thinks that it’s something important and keeps trying to pay attention to it despite my trying to ignore it. Usually, there’s almost an electric sensation on my skin. Styrofoam squeaking has literately brought me to my knees. Chewing with mouth open- UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNGGGGG. Pen clicking I can totally take. Most birds are fine. Mourning doves, i’d like to punch.

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