5 Amazing Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

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*This post is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical problems that you are experiencing. Please visit your doctor if you have concerns or issues regarding your health. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I will generate a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase through my link.*

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

Oh chlorophyll, how I love thee!

Chlorophyll, as in the green pigment in plants that is responsible for photosynthesis, can be equally important to a completely different species of life– humans! One of the best ways to understand chlorophyll is that it is like blood for plants.

I have done a lot of researching via the web and library ever since I developed an autoimmune disease from living in our moldy house. At one time or another, I read that chlorophyll could benefit people who have been diagnosed with thyroid disorders. I don’t remember where I read that but I’ve had “chlorophyll” in the back of my mind for a long time.

I just never wanted to pay $20.00 at my local health store for a small vial of this magic. Then, I found iHerb. I paid only around $10.00 for a whopping 16 oz bottle of liquid chlorophyll! PLUS– If you have never shopped with iHerb, you can save $5 off with my code VDB510.

Here are 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Chlorophyll:

5 Amazing Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits

1. Increases Energy

One reason that I take chlorophyll is because my red and white blood cell counts have remained low for the past 2+ years. This began when they found my thyroid levels were whacky. Seriously, all of my medical problems began at the same time and worsened.

As soon as I began taking chlorophyll, I noticed my energy levels increase. As someone with an autoimmune disorder, energy is something that we are frequently lacking. So, back to chlorophyll being referred to as “plant blood” makes a lot of sense.

I haven’t had my blood tested recently but I feel a lot better already. I literally feel a boost in energy shortly after drinking 1 tablespoon of this planty goodness. I can almost feel an increase in oxygen reaching my brain, which makes its easier to breath, relax, and focus.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about how this has changed my life. I’m sure it’s the combination of gutting our house of mold and adding liquid chlorophyll to my diet that has increased my mentality and energy but I definitely notice an almost immediate spark of energy shortly after ingesting this green gold.

2. Decreases Body Odor

Chlorophyll is a natural body odor eliminator. It has been referred to as an “internal deodorant”, which helps reduce funky breath and various other embarrassing body odors.

3. Detox & Cancer Preventative

There have been claims that chlorophyll is useful in detoxing the body, specifically the liver. It is also possible that liquid chlorophyll may be useful in decreasing the risk liver cancer due to unknowingly eating moldy grains and legumes. Dietary aflatoxin exposure is unfortunately unavoidable in some cultures.

4. Digestive Health

Chlorophyll can help regulate your digestive system. It will also turn your poo green and make it less smelly. #Truth

5. Candida Killer

Candida is a yeast infection in the body. Sometimes, yeast gets out of control and can take over your entire body. From physical to emotional disturbances, candida is nothing to take lightly. Liquid chlorophyll can help prevent and remove this awful fungus.

When candida spreads throughout your body, you will feel like you’re dying. You can die from a yeast infection if it becomes systemic and left untreated. I had systemic candida.

Although 2 months of antifungals and following a strict diet rid my body of most of the candida, some still lingered. According to my doctor, as long as we would have mold in our home, I will have a problem with candida. He was right.

Here is what I noticed in regards to candida and consuming liquid chlorophyll:
I haven’t had any brain fog, less fatigue, and no vaginal bacterial infection this month. That is HUGE for me, considering I usually get one each month before my period. Of course, the fact that most of the mold is gone definitely helps but liquid chlorophyll started helping before we gutted the home.

Remember, I am not a doctor or scientist and I am not instructing you to buy liquid chlorophyll to consume. I am just sharing my personal story on how it truly benefited me. Everyone is different. What works for one person, will not work for another. Always consult with your physician if you are having a medical issue.


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