Storage Auction Purchase

Another Storage Success!

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Back in early December, I purchased another storage unit. I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore until after I have this baby but I couldn’t help myself. Part of it is restlessness and part of it is needing merchandise for the shop and to sell online!

I paid $90.00 for a 10×15 unit off of again. I really like buying units online compared to going to the actual auctions in-person. I don’t feel like I’ve wasted any time if I don’t end up with a unit this way. And to be honest, I am less likely to get into a bidding war with someone because I have time to think.

Here’s the unit that I bought:

Storage Auction Purchase Right off the bat, I noticed the Stetson cowboy hat box. Much to my surprise, the hat was actually in the box– brand new! Approximate value: $150.00!

Stetson Cowboy Hat

There was some pretty great furniture pieces in the unit as well. Although almost everything was old and outdated, I was excited at the potential that I saw in projects. For example, this mid-century buffet and hutch that is made out of walnut is currently under renovation. I am painting it in black chalk paint, doing a fancy background border, and replaced the knobs. I plan to price it for $400.00 when its finished and will definitely post an “After” picture.

Here’s how it was found in the unit:

Mid Century Buffet and Hutch Aside from that, other big finds were boxes and boxes full of new in-the-box collectible action figures. Most of them are anime people or horror characters but anything that is collectible and new & unopened are guaranteed sellers! I have already sold a couple Sex Pistols, Elvira, and Hostel figures (new in boxes).

Collectible Action Figures This unit was loaded down with comic books, magazines, and horror books. I donated about 25% of the books that I looked up that had little to no value. Then, I listed as many as I could in large lots. So far, I have made $100.00 in literature sales and have about $50 left in potential profit.

Everyone told me to just throw away all of the books and comics because there’s “no money in those”. Wrong. There’s money in practically everything. Except for the weird braided strands of dreadlocks that I came across those. Grosssssssssssssssssss!

Other cool items I found:

  • vintage 80’s Hulk Hogan toys
  • Spider-Man and Batman figures (vintage)
  • 1989 Gameboy + games
  • Garbage Pail Kids cards
  • Gremlin figures
  • Michael Jordan hoop
  • Coca-Cola dish set from 1996
  • blue enamel wear set
  • Transformers
  • Home decor
  • Tarot cards
  • Pez dispensers (new in packages)
  • Old games
  • Coins
  • 50+ Buttons (I have a thing for vintage buttons with funny sayings!)
  • E.T. toys
  • A ladder (we kept & actually needed!)
  • An electric guitar made by Electra (lawsuit style). It’s in iffy condition. Ones that are in pristine condition have sold for $900 on eBay. Mine is currently listed for “as parts only” and has a bid of $200.00 currently. I will be excited to see what it sells for though! It has a pretty abalone inlay. I just don’t know anything about guitars and am selling it “as is”.
  • Antique pictures
  • Animal cage
  • Desk
  • Huge lamps from the 60s, etc.
  • Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Tootsie Toy cars/truck out the wazoo! (Some Hot Wheels are new in package from the 90’s). There was also a vintage Hot Wheels carrying case!
  • Lionel train pieces from the 70’s.
  • Toy car race track from the 80’s.
  • Really old harmonica.
  • Tons and tons of Venom and Spawn toys.

Most of these items are in the shop that I sell at locally or have already been sold. Some items are listed in my Etsy store, eBay, or Mercari.

Here are just SOME of the Pez that were in the unit:

Collectible Pez Dispensers

There were some very strange items that I found in the unit too. Things like long dreadlocks of hair that I previously mentioned, whips, swords, and this breathing apparatus contraption:

Breathing Apparatus

I really am nickel & diming this unit. Seriously, I am even having success in selling retro 80’s stickers! That’s why I am giving this unit a potential profit of $2,000.

It’s always exciting to stumble across something that you know nothing about, but later find out that it’s actually worth a decent amount. For example, this Dark Tower game was also found in the unit. I have it listed in my Etsy store for $150.00. If the tower worked completely perfect at 100%, I could ask $300.00 for it.

Dark Tower Game

Everything will definitely keep me busy for at least the few first months after having the baby. She is now due in only three weeks so I am very excited to get back to having decent mobility and the ability to lift things again.

Our basement is well-stocked with cleaned inventory out of the unit. It took a while to get everything cleaned. I still don’t understand how the collectible items in plastic acquired such a thick layer of dust. They were all stored in a box so how does that happen!? Needless to say, my husband and I suffered a couple nose bleeds and sinus issues after sorting through the rubble.

By the way, the amount of trash that we had to get rid of was a job in itself. It’s amazing to think that there is $2,000 worth of merchandise in that first picture and also several loads of junk. But I kid you not, these people were hoarders. They kept EVERYTHING: phone books, notes, letters, and tons and tons of energy drink cans. (At least we can recycle those for a couple bucks!).

Everything that could be recycled definitely was recycled. I always donate or recycle as much as possible but unfortunately, sometimes things just need to go to the landfill to rest in peace.

I just really enjoy buying storage units. The thrill of digging through boxes of junk and finally finding some actual treasures has been a complete blast. I can’t wait to buy another unit! My husband isn’t so excited though. He said that I would never be allowed to work as a trash woman because nothing would ever make it to the dump. Funny but sadly accurate! 😉



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