When it’s a Virus, You’re a Baby, and You Just Want Relief

One of the hardest things about being a parent is not being able to magically fix everything at all times. As sad at is is, even little babies have to endure being sick and miserable at times. Two night ago, I noticed blood leaking out of my daughters’ ear. She’s 11 months old and had…

Country Rustic Essential Oils

Country Rustic Essential Oils

Have you ever noticed that a lot of places match their style with a certain smell as well? For example: if you walk into a gift shop, you’re likely going to get a strong aroma of candles. Or, anytime I step foot into Victoria’s Secret, I am blasted with a strong scent of delicious perfume….

Juniper Essential Oil Sale

Juniper Oil Sale– 85% Off!

Barefut is having a MASSIVE sale on their Juniper essential oil! Right now, you can save a whopping 85% on Juniper Essential Oil, 15mL. You will pay only $3.58 + Shipping, which is a savings of over $20.00! Not only will you save, but you also EARN when you shop through Barefut! That is one…

Homemade Eucalyptus Soap DIY

Eucalyptus Soap DIY

  Eucalyptus oil is one of my all-time favorite oils to use. I use it for colds, allergies, and for just the smell of it! Making your own soap can be one method of utilizing eucalyptus essential oil, rather than just burning it. I always use this recipe from diynatural.com when I need to make…

Aromatherapy Rack Storage Upcycle DIY

Ever since I signed up for Barefut’s essential oil subscription, I have received a TON of aromatherapy oils. I have probably over 50 oils that I really need to get organized. In case you’re looking for some excellent quality yet super affordable oils, Barefut is the way to go! One simple solution that I found…

Best Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Aromatherapy is currently one of the most popular forms of natural healthcareΒ fads. Some people like them for their powerful healing benefits, while others just like the way they smell! Shopping for people who love aromatherapy can be a bit challenging. There are so many different brands and scents that it can quickly become overwhelming. There…