Reselling Ebay Tips

Finding a Diamond in the Rough

I am not sure if it is the area that I live in or the fact that everyone is buying to resell on Ebay. But….thrifting for profit has been a bit challenging lately. One thing that keeps my head above water is that I look for the items that are rare, unique, and/or one-of-a-kind. Why…

Quick Thrift Haul!

Like usual, I have been having a blast at thrifting. However, I think that the winter months bring more people into the thrift stores, which makes my job a little harder. The treasures areΒ being picked before I can even get to them. I haven’t went home empty-ended though. I like to sell just about anything….

Cast Iron Flank Steak Recipe

Cast Iron Flank Steak

I never had any intentions on using a cast iron skillet until I found some in a storage unit that I bought a few months ago. This unit was full of really nice antiques, including five round cast iron skillets. My mom was the first one to tell me about the significance of using cast…

Mr. Bump 2008 Doctor Play Toy Kit Mattel

Mr. Bump Doctor Kit 2008 Mattel: RARE FIND!

One word that every reseller loves is “RARE!”. Rare items will bring in the big money. It may take some time to get your asking price but the payout is definitely worth it. This has been a trying week for me in terms of sourcing. Since its Christmas break, my Kindergarten-aged son has been home…

Mercari Coupon

How to Save BIG with a New Mercari Coupon!

Looking for a new, exciting way to save TONS of money when you shop? In case you haven’t heard, Mercari is a newish buy & sell app that is growing MASSIVE in popularity. Reasons why people love using Mercari to buy and sell items: It’s easy. Whether you’re buying or selling, you can do either…

How to Return Something on Mercari

Well, it happened. I got my first negative mark on Mercari. Not bad, considering I have 265 ratings. There’s always that one inexperienced person that has no idea how the process works though and dang nappit, I had to find one. So this chic bought two vintage Minnie and Mickey Mouse ornaments from me. They…