How to Sell on Mercari App

How to Sell on Mercari

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How to Sell on Mercari App

Please note: I do not work for Mercari. I just am a 100% pro-Mercari buyer and seller.

Mercari is an app for your phone that lets you sell your items quick & easy. I love it. It has made the whole process of buying and selling SO easy. Here’s why I love using the Mercari app:

  1. It’s free. That’s right, there are no fees for you to sell your items. However, that is likely to change soon. Mercari is new but booming and I am sure fees are right around the corner. However, I have been soaking up the “no fees” for the past 4+ months.
  2. Shipping made simple. You choose the correct postage per weight and Mercari sends you a label via email. Incredibly easy. It has tracking too, so there is no worries on either ends. On a side note, you can choose to ship an item without using one of their labels. That’s kind of an “at your own risk” deal.
  3. No returns, “All Sales Final”! LOVE it! However, Mercari does oversee every sale that goes on between buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer or seller and have any kind of issue, contact them! They have always been extremely fast and helpful with any and all of my questions.

Any full-time or part-time re-seller knows that those three things listed about are like gifts from God in our world. Really- they are that important!

So how do you actually sell something on Mercari?

  • Sign up for a free account.

If you haven’t already done so, feel free to use my code, in which you will earn $2.00 for free by entering it.My code is YVWHQXΒ 

I will earn $2.00 in credits and so will you if you enter my code and I sincerely thank you! I use my credits that my family, friends, and blog readers earn me to purchase shipping supplies. Plus, once you have signed up, you can start referring people and earning free credits to use also! It’s a win/win!Β 

  • Take pictures.

Clean, bright, and crisp. That’s how your photos should look. Taking good pictures is probably the most important aspect of selling anything, regardless of which app or website you are trying to sell on.

To take picture on Mercari: See that little red circle on the bottom right of the app? It says “Sell” and has a camera. Click that.

Once clicked, you have the option to take pictures of your item now or choose one from your photo library. You can choose or take up to 4 pictures. Make sure your items are well-lit, clean, and showcase your item in ways that show its condition.

How to Sell on Mercari

  • Item name.

This is where you write what the item is that you’re selling.

  • Description.

Describe your item. When you are describing items, remember thatΒ there are essentially no returns on Mercari. So, describe your items VERY well. Aside from taking good pictures, the description is also extremely important. Things to remember in your description:

-Are there are flaws? Tears, chips, cracks, stains?
-Does the item come from a smoking household?
-Dimensions or measurements.

  • Category, Condition.

Pick what category your item falls under. Sometimes this is tricky because the categories are a bit vague for most items. Do your best so that people can find your item the best way possible.

Condition is pretty self-explanatory. Is it brand new? Like new? Good, Fair, Poor? Your description should explain this to a “tee” but it is required that you select the appropriate condition of the item as well.

  • Shipping.

Figure out how much your item weighs, then select the carrier. You can choose FedEx or USPS (post office). Or, you can choose to ship the item yourself, in which you are responsible for paying for tracking and updating your item once it has shipped.

  • Packaging.

Package your item according. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to correct package items. If I would buy something breakable from a seller, I would always check their feedback first. Luckily, Mercari requires that buyers leave every seller feedback on their purchases. That is actually how buyers get paid.

  • Price your item.

Pretty self-explanatory! I usually go back and forth between offering free shipping with higher prices for my items & no free shipping but smaller amounts for my items. Honestly, I don’t think it really matters. Either they have the money or they don’t, that’s the way I look at it.

It will show your final value of how much you will earn once the transaction is completely finished, if the item were to sell.

What if I don’t get paid?

Always have tracking on your item. Either use the label from Mercari, which is the easiest way, or buy tracking when you ship your item. Once the buyer receives it, they will need to log back in and rate you.

Personally, I always give the buyer 1-2 days before sending them a message if they haven’t already rated me and I verified that they received their item via the tracking number. I just politely ask them to rate me. If they don’t respond, I contact Mercari and they take care of it, which releases the funds to my account.

I have never not gotten paid but understand the worries.

Do I have to have a checking account to sell on Mercari?

Right now, yes. I am not sure if that will change in the future or not but in order to receive your funds, you must have an active checking account. There are no other options. However, you can purchase items via Paypal.

Can I block a user on Mercari?

Oh you most certainly can. πŸ˜€ It’s one of the best luxuries of Mercari, if you ask me. Low-ballers, bullies, or any other nuisances can be easily blocked on Mercari.

If someone left you a snarky comment, you can block them by clicking on their name. You will be sent to their page. On the top right of their page, there are three dots. Once you click those dots, you will see the option to “Block this user”, and that’s how get rid of that mess. πŸ˜€

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    1. Do you have any idea when they will start charging a commission? And how much it will be?

      1. No I don’t know. Hopefully it won’t be too much though! I am definitely enjoying not paying any fees!


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