Mr. Bump 2008 Doctor Play Toy Kit Mattel

Mr. Bump Doctor Kit 2008 Mattel: RARE FIND!

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One word that every reseller loves is “RARE!”. Rare items will bring in the big money. It may take some time to get your asking price but the payout is definitely worth it.

This has been a trying week for me in terms of sourcing. Since its Christmas break, my Kindergarten-aged son has been home from school. On top of that, my mom, who usually watches the baby for me, has been sick.

I’m a homebody to a certain extent. I have managed to rummage through some items that have been collecting dust that I found in storage units. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I have been sorting through tools, which was something that I was hoping my husband would do. Since he hasn’t, I took a stab at researching and picking through what is junk versusΒ what is valuable. So far, I have accumulated an estimated profit of $200, which is better than just throwing it all away.

Even though I have managed to keep plenty busy, I still felt cabin fever settling in. I could tell that my 5-year old was also going stir crazy so we packed up and went to a Goodwill store. My son hates, and I mean HATES, the Goodwill Outlet store. So, I took him to a high-dollar, full-priced, fancy pants “real” Goodwill store. You know, the kind where the rich poor people go. πŸ˜‰

Right off the bat, he found a really sweet Nerf gun for only $1.00. It’s like a revolving gun that holds 6 darts.

Nerf Revolver Gun

I also found 8 Barbie dolls to store away for our daughter (she’s only 11 months). One of the dolls was a Marilyn Monroe doll, which is kind of cool. She isn’t valuable, otherwise I would sell her (the doll, not the baby).

I was hoping to find some trendy clothes, as I have been scouring Instagram for what name brands sell the best. Mind you, I had both children with me and even though they had already found toys, they were still not content.

Since I couldn’t do a thorough inspection of each article of clothing, I settled with one t-shirt that I found in the mens section. No, it wasn’t a hot or trendy name brand. However, it is hella cool and will sell fast on eBay. It was…. (drum roll please)…


Space Jam Get Ready to Jam Shirt

Boom! I finally found a sweet Space Jam t-shirt from 1996. It’s a rare one too— Holla! On the back, it says, “Get Ready to Jam”.

Vintage Space Jam T Shirt

After I found my sweet 90’s hip-hop shirt, I decided to take the kids back to the toys to see if they put out anything else. You know, bribery at its finest.

Sadly, they didn’t find anything else but mommy sure did! I found something VERY rare. Something so rare that I have yet to see another one floating on the internet. In fact, I’m not sure if they were sold in the United States. It seems to be popular in the eurozone.

Mr. Bump 2008 Doctor Play Toy Kit Mattel

This little toy is called Mr. Bump, who is from the “Mr. Men” series. He was made by Mattel in 2008 and is also marked “THOIP”, which isn’t something that I am used to seeing. Mr. Bump is a hard medical doctor-play plastic case that was filled with:

  • Mr. Bump stethoscope
  • Mr. Tickle blood pressure cuff and sphygmomanometer
  • Mr. Nosy thermometer
  • Mr. SmallΒ bandage
  • Mr. Bounce reflex hammer
  • Mr. Nervous bandage wraps

Since I haven’t been able to locate another toy exactly like this pretend doctor kit, I am not 100% sure that it is complete. However, I give props to the child who previously owned it because most kids would have pieces stranded everywhere from their backpack to the back yard.

So yeah, I am pretty excited about my finds, even if it wasn’t much. And even though I felt rushed being with the kids, I am still happy to be able to do things like this with them. If you are interested in any of the items above or just curious to what I sell, here is a link to my eBay store.

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