Pirate Adventures of the Outer Banks–A Review!

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So, in case you haven’t noticed by the looks of my Instagram account, my family and I visited the Outer Banks last week. It was a last minute, spur-of-the-moment trip idea and we honestly couldn’t have picked a better location to travel to with our two little rug rats.

During a quick Google search for things to do with youngin’s in the area, I came across Pirate Adventures of the Outer Banks, which is located in Manteo, North Carolina. After clicking on the link to their website, I quickly stalked them on their Facebook page and checked out their reviews, which were dynamite. So, without hesitation, I bought tickets and scheduled us to visit them one afternoon.

We bought tickets for a Monday. We arrived a half an hour before our scheduled sail time, which was protocol. This gave us time to check in, get our boarding passes, and the kids got to enjoy a little fun with dressing up like pirates (that they would get to wear on board) and face painting.

Unfortunately, the weather turned nasty pretty quick that day. The Captain informed us that they had to cancel our excursion and we had the option of rescheduling or receiving a refund. My family, along with most others, chose to reschedule.

Driving home, we REALLY realized exactly how bad the weather was. Someone mentioned a “waterspout” as they described what they saw on the waters. Turns out, a “waterspout” is actually a tornado on water! And as we saw crossed a bridge on the way back to the hotel, we noticed a lot of vehicles pulled over on the side of the road. They were looking at the waterspout and of course, we had to check it out too. Tourists, whatchagonnado.


So, yeah. Pirate Adventures definitely called it safe with this one, thankfully.

Anyways. The next day, we arrived a half hour early again. We went through check-in (which only takes a couple minutes) again and our son got to play dress up and have his face painted again. (Lacie, our daughter opted out of those. She’s a sassy 17-month old and would probably try to eat the paint).

Then, we were all introduced to Scuttle, who I guess you could call the first mate. She rounded the kids up and taught them some very important pirate lingo. After that, the kids were led on a quick (yet adventurous) trip to the ship, the Sea Gypsy!

Once we boarded the pirate ship, we met our Captain, Chum. He looked like a pirate. He talked like a pirate. And he smelled– well, I don’t know if he SMELLED like a pirate but the point is, he could pass as a pirate with flying colors. 😀

The ship was amazing. There was a covered area, which my husband and I took turns sitting in with our 17-month old, and there were spots for the adults to sit on a bench on the deck.

Below is a picture of Chum, my husband, and our daughter. There are also two people that I placed critter stickers on their faces to hide their identity.

The kids and Scuttle mostly stayed in the front of the ship, where it was nice and open. Very roomy for all the work that they were about to do!

Chum and Scuttle worked very well together at keeping the enthusiasm up during the whole trip. I’m still amazed at how good they are at their jobs.

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to get pictures too. Scuttle even posed for one as she hoisted a treasure chest!

The whole adventure was just as entertaining for the adults as it was for the kids. There were about 14 kids (not including babies) and a handful of adults on our trip. All the kids, big or small, were just as engaged and excited as the next. The range of ages on our day were probably 3 years old up to 14 year olds. (Just a rough estimate).

Without spoiling your trip by naming each and every thing that happened, I would just like to share my favorite part, which was when the kids got to use the water cannons and water blast a pirate:

(Jenson gearing up):

And the attack:

It was so hot out that day that I honestly wanted to trade places with that pirate. And by the way, the pirate was super playful and interactive with the mini-pirates that were soaking him.

It was something different and fun for the whole family. A little nonsensical mischief was there perfect way to kick off our week in the OBX. Plus, as promised by Chum and Scuttle, our children were spent. They slept a good three hours afterwards! I would recommend this to anyone with kids that are planning a trip to the Outer Banks.

This review was completely my own personal thoughts and opinions. I was not paid in any way, shape, or form to write about our experience.

If you would like to check them out, you can visit their website here: Pirate Adventure- OBX. They recommend that you purchase tickets in advance. As I mentioned earlier, we bought our tickets ahead of time and I’d also recommend doing that as well. They do warn you that spots fill up quickly and there is a chance that they sell out, especially on days where they cancel a tour due to weather (like us) and try to re-book those guests.

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