15 Places that NEED Essential Oils

15 Places that NEED to Use Essential Oils

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15 Places that NEED Essential Oils

More establishments should take advantage of the benefits that aromatherapy can have on people. Whether its a stinky place or a stressful environment, essential oils could be utilized to help make it a more comfortable area.

Here are just a few places that I thought could use some sprucing up via oil therapy:

1. Public Restrooms.

2 words:


2. Speech Class.

Public speaking is listed at the #1 biggest fear amongst Americans. Maybe everyone would relax a little more if there was a nice aroma of lavender essential oil brewing in the air. Just sayin’.

3. Post Office.

Don’t go postal! Spread some spunk with an energetic mix of sweet orange and lemon.

4. Nursing Homes.

Sorry to say but nursing homes could use some pretty odors to lighten up some of the stank that they accumulate.

5. Thrift Stores.

Thrift stores could also use some pretty scents to help diffuse the cocktail aroma of mold, smoke, and old people.

6. Chuck E. Cheese

Before we head out to Chuck E. Cheese, I always remember to bring a couple of Tylenols with me. But maybe, *just maybe*, if that friendly giant mouse was willing to set up a few peppermint oil diffusers, parents would be able to prevent the headache before it ever began.

7. Hotel

Omit the mini liquor bar and add an essential oil bar in every hotel room with plenty of oil options to choose from.

8. Gym

Working out can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re surrounded by the stench of warm body odor.

Essential oils could not only help reduce the smell of bodily fluids, but it could also help energize these health-enthusiasts. Lemon would be a great oil to diffuse in the air of a gym. Not only does it

9. Hair Salon

Not that a hair salon even smells bad. For a lot of people, getting your hair done is a relaxing experience. Massage therapists use essentials oils during body massages so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for beauticians to use them too. After all, your scalp gets massaged if you get your hair washed.

10. Pet Salons

I think that aromatherapy would actually be more beneficial in a pet salon, versus a human salon. As someone who has a dog that developed extreme anxiety after visiting a dog salon, I think that pets would be more at ease with a calming aroma in the air.

11. Delivery Room

Every little bit helps when it comes to the stress and anxiety that can be experienced in the delivery room! From husbands passing out to moms-to-be trying to become moms: some refreshing oil could help— even if it only helps a *tiny* bit. Because anyone who has ever pushed a baby from the inside out, knows that there isn’t much that can put them at 100% ease.

12. Mattress Shops

When people test out mattresses, they expect to be able to envision how they are going to feel while laying down at night, trying to go sleep. But how relaxed are you really in a mattress shop? Not very. Calming aromatherapy could help ease the nerves of trying out beds in public.

13. Daycare

From poopy diapers to stressed out tots, there’s an essential oil for that! A natural, holistic approach to soothe little ones could be the use of essential oils. They also help reduce the stank of soiled diapers and baby farts.

14. Walmart

Walmart is another one of those places that gives me an instant headache. I think it’s a combination of the bright lights and the battle of just getting everything that is on my shopping list. While they would need to purchase a TON of oil diffusers to accommodate their gigantic stores, it would probably be very beneficial to their customers if they inhaled a pain-killing aroma of peppermint oil down every aisle. Plus, if someone is headache-free, they are probably more likely to shop longer. 🙂

15. The Office

If you work in an office, you probably work around a lot of different personalities. That in itself can be stressful. Then, add the stress of your office duties and you’re probably about ready to punch out for the day by lunchtime. Oils could be very useful to help ease office stress. Plus, they would help make it smell better too.

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