Storage Wars: Vintage-Style!

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I bought another storage unit last week for –wait for it– THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! That is the most expensive unit that I have bought so far and it HURT. I purchased this unit from again. I like buying units online because it’s convenient, especially since I have a 4-year old and a 2-month old baby. I don’t get out much anymore, LoL.

I bid up to $300 for the only fact that I could see a very old plow/cultivator in the unit. It was a 5X15 and the pictures didn’t show anything in particular, other than the plow. So it was a complete gamble, which is something that I don’t normally do.

There were actually two plows in the unit but one is broken. Or at least I think it’s broken. I really have no idea about these things:

Vintage Plows

The last unit I bought, I only paid $90 and I am still profiting. I have made over $2,000 so far!

After rummaging through this unit, I have now realized that just because you pay more, doesn’t mean you’re going to make more. Some units can be a complete bust, of course.

I will definitely make a decent profit on this unit but it isn’t going to be as much as the last one. And that’s still okay– it’s definitely not a “get rich” plan and most of it is luck. I’d say it’s about 50% luck and 50% business smarts.

If you’ve ever watched Storage Wars before, you know that most people look for the big-ticket items…especially Gary. He doesn’t buy units to make money on them though. He is more of a collector, I believe, and just looks for particular or unusual items.

However, the rest of them usually piece out a lot of smaller-ticket items but still claim a lot of the items as trash or junk. I just wonder how much of that stuff is actually junk though. I bought a storage unit last year that had a tub full of lotions, body sprays, etc. I think most people would have trashed that whole tub but I researched the items in it and actually sold a lotion for over $45!

This was the first unit that I bought that didn’t contain any drugs in it. Hurray! However, it DID have someone’s urn, in which I gave back to the storage unit manager. I also gave him the United States service flag that was presented at his burial, photographs, and his purple heart.

So, ready to see the goodies that I found in this unit??

Loads of depression glass & crystal glassware:

Depression and Crystal Glass

Air Pellet Guns:

Storage Unit Finds

WW2 Scrapbook (Already sold for $100):
*Plus other WW2 memorabilia (not pictured).

WW2 Scrapbook

Old Books and Bibles:

Leather Bibles

Clothing & Shoes (Of course!)

Some are vintage. Some are just cool (Harley jacket!)

Storage Auction Finds

Misc. Vintage Toddler Cowboy Boots, Lantern, Sesame Street Books from the 80’s:

Storage Auction Finds

Gene Pelham Cat Painting:

Gene Pelham Cat Photo

There is also a really cool old hutch that was in this unit. It is missing two wheels that I have fortunately found on eBay for only $10. Once I get it repaired, I will try to remember to photograph it and update this blog post. I’m guessing that the hutch is from around the 30’s or 40’s.

Other random items that I have found in this unit are cast iron skillets, crystal figurines, pictures, two display cases, two end tables, a card table and three chairs, two old wooden chairs, etc. I have already taken the bigger items to the antique store that I have a booth at and put them up for sale. I am still going through boxes and totes packed full of odds and ends.

Once I look at it, I think I will actually do better than I originally hoped for with all of these cool items. It’s a lot of work but it beats an ordinary 9-5 job. I love the freedom that I have from reselling items. The key is staying motivated!


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