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DIY Natural Heel Remedy

Natural Cracked Heel Remedy

Even though my husband has officially removed the visible mold in our home, we unfortunately are now dealing with mold spores in the air. Consequently, I have been having nose bleeds and mid afternoon fatigue, which always leads to a nap. Another side effect of mold spores is that it can ruin your skin. My…

Natural Mole Removal Apple Cider Vinegar

Mole Removal with Apple Cider Vinegar: Ultimate DIY

Warning: Graphic photos of an at-home moleĀ removal are pictured in this post. They may not be suitable for a weak stomach but are super cool for people like myself who enjoy Googling pictures and looking at gross videos on YouTube. You have been warned šŸ˜‰Ā  Whether you have a fear of needles or fear of…