Mr. Bump 2008 Doctor Play Toy Kit Mattel

Mr. Bump Doctor Kit 2008 Mattel: RARE FIND!

One word that every reseller loves is “RARE!”. Rare items will bring in the big money. It may take some time to get your asking price but the payout is definitely worth it. This has been a trying week for me in terms of sourcing. Since its Christmas break, my Kindergarten-aged son has been home…

How to Find a GOOD doctor

How to Find a “Good” Doctor

I’m 28 years old. Before I became a work at home mom, I was a nurse. I worked in two different doctors offices and one clinic.Β One question that I never really understood was when people asked me to schedule them with a good doctor. I always thought, ‘Well, they’re all good. They made it through…