When it’s a Virus, You’re a Baby, and You Just Want Relief

One of the hardest things about being a parent is not being able to magically fix everything at all times. As sad at is is, even little babies have to endure being sick and miserable at times. Two night ago, I noticed blood leaking out of my daughters’ ear. She’s 11 months old and had…

Natural Fabric Freshener DIY

Natural Fabric Freshener with Essential Oils DIY

[This post contains affiliate links.] You know what is beautiful? When two completely different things you love can be merged together. It’s a rare occurrence and is definitely appreciated whenever it happens. I have several different loves in this world, ranging from people all the way to junk I find at thrift stores. One passion…

Best Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Aromatherapy is currently one of the most popular forms of natural healthcareย fads. Some people like them for their powerful healing benefits, while others just like the way they smell! Shopping for people who love aromatherapy can be a bit challenging. There are so many different brands and scents that it can quickly become overwhelming. There…

Barefut Oil Sale

70% Off Ginger Essential Oil at Barefut!

Hurry, this amazing price on Ginger essential oil is going to be gone quick! Right now, you can save 70% on Ginger at Barefut. Plus, you will score free shipping on all orders over $29.00! Ginger Essential Oil, 15 mL $25.39 (regular price) Barefut Sale 70% Off Final Price: $7.61 New to Barefut oils? No…

Essential Oil Box DIY

DIY Essential Oil Storage Box

Threeย passions combined into one! Crafting, essential oils, and repurposing a vintage item all rolled into one easy DIY project. First, let me tell you that I don’t advise anyone to repurpose or upcycle everything vintage. Some vintage items should be left as is, especially if they are rare or valuable. However, there are plenty of…

Barefut Oils Diffuser

50% Off Aromatherapy Diffuser + FREE Lemongrass Oil from Barefut!

A deal too good to resist! Barefut oils are offering 50% off when you buy a SpaRoom Aromatherapy Diffuser! These are available in Black or Whiteย but they only have White available in stock right now.ย Originally priced at $79.99, you will pay only $39.99 at checkout plus shipping. That’s the cheapest that I have found anywhere….