Selling on Ebay with Kids

What it’s Like to Sell on Ebay with a Baby

One reason that we can afford for me to stay at home with our kids is because I also work from home. However, my “jobs” are financially unpredictable and 100%Β dependent upon me busting my behind to earn that money. The more work I do, the more money I earn. The less I do, the less…

5 Unique Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

5 Unique Ways to Use Essential Oils Around the House

For a long time, I only used essential oils to make my home smell a certain way. I also used them to relieve headaches, brighten my spirit, or help me sleep. A few drops in my oil burner and I was set. But there are actually a lot of other ways to utilize your oils…

Flipped House Problems Make You Flip Mold

10 Flipped House Problems that Will Make You Flip

Who doesn’t love watching house flipping shows like Flip This House? Ever since I became a homeowner, property flipping has always intrigued me. Shows like Flip This House showcase buyers that are experts in flipping properties. What we are shown are the homes that are being “flipped” the proper way but in real life, many…

FREE Bath and Body Works

FREE Bath & Body Jar Candle ($12.50 Value) With ANY Purchase!

You can score a FREE jar candle valued at $12.50 today at Bath & Body Works when you make any purchase! You can choose from Very Berry, Lovely Lemon, or Peachy Keen. Plus, shipping is only $1 if you spend $25 or more! No code needed! Not sure what to buy? Bath & Body has…

Earn $20 When You Sign Up with RewardSurvey!

Yes, you read that right! When you sign up with RewardSurvey, you can earn a quick $20 in rewards points after you complete pages 1-3! It took me less than 5 minutes- so easy! Click here to begin the short survey to earn a quick $20 in rewards points!Β 

Craft Time!

And here is another cute little pencil/pen/scissor holder. I used an empty jelly jar and covered it with some fabric. I started on the outside and glued the ends on the inside with hot glue. Wrap a matching ribbon around and glue that in place. Final step is to glue the sunflower, or whatever your…