Vintage Goosebumps Books

Vintage R.L. Stine Goosebumps Books!

Way back in the 90’s, a time when there were no iPads, we had to do things the hard way for entertainment. Things like riding your bike, having corn wars with the neighbor kids, and actually reading books. Until I came across these Goosebumps books, I kind of forgot that I ever liked to read….

Vintage McFarlane Spawn Widow Maker and Tiffany

Vintage McFarlane Toys for Sale

Looking for vintage McFarlane action figure toys from the 90’s? Look no further! My Etsy shop is packed full of Todd McFarlane’s Wetworks figurines from that era. Plus, I am adding new ones all the time! They will all be available in my Etsy shop, under “Vintage Toys” and are priced to sell! Here are…

Vintage Buttons and Pins

Vintage Buttons and Pins

So I have stumbled across a ton of awesome buttons and pins. I’ve never been much of a collector of anything but if I started a collection, I would probably start collecting these small treasures. Here’s why: They don’t take up much room. There are thousands of ways to display them. A button or pin…

Gypsy Queen Fortune Telling Cards

Vintage Tarot Cards and Fortune Teller Cards

I am so excited to have added some amazing vintage cards to my Etsy shop! I have a lot of random vintage items for sale right now that you are welcome to check out. Once everything is gone, I would like to sell only spiritual items, since that is what I am most interested in…

Vintage 70s clothes

Vintage Treasures

**All of the items that you see in this post are for sale! They are either on eBay or in my Etsy shop. If not, shoot me an email at theunextreme *at* yahoo *dot* com and make me an offer!** Boy oh boy have I had a great week! First, I must tell you that…