Which Brand of Essential Oils are the Best?

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When I was new to the essential oil game, I remember Googling which brand of oils was the best quality. My mind became flooded with names of companies and people that were claiming X Oils were better than Y Oils because of this and that. I quickly became frustrated with the amount of information that was being thrown around so I gave up. Google can be your best friend at times but can also get you into a lot of trouble…

Since I’m not rich, I just opted for the most affordable oils at my local vitamin store. I remember thinking that it was expensive as I checked out 2-3 bottles and wasn’t pleased with the amount of money that I had to pay for them. So, I began my search again via Google and books.

What I found is that like people, all oils are created equal. Check the labels– if they’re not made with 100% ingredients, then realize that they aren’t going to be as strong as what another company may be able to offer you. Another thing that I found is that some oil companies are outrageously overpriced and sell the same exact products.

There are far too many oil reps that are fighting about who’s essential oils are the most real. But let’s face it: the only reason that you truly believe that one company is better than another is because of money. Money has a sneaky way of conditioning your brain to believe what it wants to believe, which makes you a good seller but a dishonest human being.

When people argue about which company is better than the other, it makes me appreciate the quiet, introverted side of myself. But as someone who has been seriously taken advantage of with the biggest investment you’ll ever put your money into, I’m on a mission to publicly call out any deceit that I witness.

The Price of Brand Names

I’ve learned by default that people don’t want to hear the truth. Much like when you tell someone that name brand drugs are exactly the same as generic brands. Hell hath no fury like a thyroid patient who insists they HAVE to take Synthroid because levothyroxine doesn’t work for them. Newsflash: it’s the same thing.

My husband and I debated this when we first began dating. Like many people, he didn’t believe that generic brands worked as well as the name brand. One day, while we were in the store together, I showed him the label on Aleve and the label on naproxen. Surprise! They same exact ingredients are listed in each one for the coinciding milligram.

I’m not lying folks. One of the first things that I learned in the pharmacology portion of nursing school was that generics are the same as name brands. Name brand medication comes out first. After a period of making millions of dollars off of people, it will often come out as generic. If you’re interested in how a name brand drug eventually has a generic replica, this is a good article that explains it.

Essential oils are an easy way to treat everyday problems. Are they intended to diagnose or cure diseases? Absolutely not. They’re just supposed to make you feel better.

How do essential oils work?

You smell them. They make you happy inside.

Some people ingest them for some reason. I’ve never felt the urge to ingest oils but I do know that it is not recommended, unless you’ve been trained to do so.

Therapeutic Grade

They’re all “therapeutic grade”. You know what else is therapeutic grade? Lemons, lavender flowers, and peppermint leaves. “Therapeutic grade” is a phrase that is made up to make a company sound like they have something that another company does not. Essential oils are not regulated by a governing body, therefor the actual company that is claiming to have “therapeutic grade oils” are trying to pull a fast one on you 😉

The Facts

So, like most things in life, the only real decision you have to make is how much you want to spend on the same exact product? Here are some stats that compare the price of different oil brands for the same scent and size:

DoTerra Peppermint Oil, 15 mL $27.33
Young Living Peppermint Oil, 15 mL $28.29
Barefut Peppermint Oil, 15 mL $8.49
Nature’s Alchemy Peppermint Oil through iHerb, 15 mL $6.49

Same oil.

Same size.

Crazy price differences.

I have no explanation for DoTerra and Young Living. I have tried samples of both products and had no issues. However, I was not blown away by them. It’s not liquid gold or anything. Just plain old pretty smelling oils.

My Favorite Oils

Barefut Essential Oils

I am an affiliate with Barefut. I signed up for their silver package a couple months ago and like all other oils, am very satisfied with the  product. Here are the reasons that I buy my oils from Barefut now:

  1. Cheap price.
  2. Good quality.
  3. You earn money with every purchase that you can use towards your future purchases. That is a really nice incentive and “thank you” to their loyal customers, or at least I think so.
  4. Free oils. Each month, they offer a 100% free oil to add to your cart with your purchases. I always look at it the way that I learned from my coupon writing jobs:For example, if you order their Bronze package, you will receive 4 oils + 1 lip vitality each month. Then, you will need to add the free oil to your cart as well.So, you will receive 5 oils that are 15 mL each for $29.99. That is only $5.99 per bottle PLUS you get a free lip vitality.

I am so happy that I signed up for a Bronze package and as you can see, within two months, I have quite an impressive collection of oils already! Barefut preselects oils for you, which takes the hassle out of which ones to choose from. They automatically renew your monthly subscription but you can cancel at anytime if you want. I look forward to my new Barefut package in the mail to see which oils I get. It’s a quick pick-me-up!

New to Barefut or ready to order more? Please feel free to sign up through my affiliate link. I will generate a small commission if you make a purchase through my affiliate link, which I use towards the maintenance of this blog.

However, I would never recommend a product that I don’t currently use and love. Barefut is the cheapest around and until someone comes out with cheaper oils with the same quality, I will be a faithful customer.



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    1. Young Living have high standards for thier oils if they are under a certain purity point, the oils are not sold. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

      1. That is what Young Living wants you to believe, Susan 🙂 We can agree to disagree. I’m not up for the battle of un-brainwashing everyone who believes certain oils are better quality then another.

    1. If they are all the same, why the difference in price?

      1. Greed and marketing strategy. Plus, they have to have enough money to compensate their sale reps, otherwise nobody would sell their products.

    1. Emily,
      Where are you getting your information from on assuming YL distributors ate “brainwashed”? It is quite insulting to make a blanket statement about people you know nothing about. Who are you afiliated with, by the way? (Since you are basically generalizing that anyone with YL is too stupid to know better, I will make the sentence easier for you to understand ) in other words: What company are getting money from?

      1. Thanks for the comment. I am not getting money from any company for stating my opinions though.

    1. They all sound like multi- level marketing companies. It takes a lot of money to pay for and give free product to all the people on all the different levels. After all that the company still makes multi- million dollars. I just heard that Doterra is now, after 7yrs a billion dollar company. Wow

    1. how are Barefoot oils extracted? Im just this month starting to research the different ojl companies and looking for pure, high quality and affordable so Im all ears!

      1. Hi! I am not sure but you can check out their “About” page here: https://barefut.com/about/
        If that doesn’t help, you could try contacting them.

        Thanks for the question, hope that helps!


    1. Id love to compare them side by side. I currently use doterra. Is there anyway you can send me sample?

      1. No, sorry! I don’t work for Barefut. I am just giving an honest opinion.

    1. I’m a fan of Barefūt oils.
      I became a rep for Young Living to get the diffuser and deal on oils. I love Thieves but can’t bring myself to pay the huge price tag for the bottle at its wholesale price!
      I joined DōTerra as well, got another diffuser and much more oil that YL starter package, which I really liked, even though the equivalent starter package was double the price of YL. I also love DōTerra OnGuard, but again don’t see myself paying the high price tag!
      When I found Barefūt I was enticed by the free oil for sure! After all, depending on its application a lesser oil is fine for many things so I figured that if I was disappointed in the quality I could just use it to scent my bathroom and car or flavor my homemade soaps. As it turns out Barefūt is not only more affordable but also equivalent in quality to the other MLM companies. There’s no large startup cost nor monthly minimum or yearly fee for the privilege of paying “wholesale” prices. Barefūt offers deals on their oils to the general public, points for buying oils that you can later apply to future orders for a further discount and on top of all that if you do choose to become an affiliate, which I did, it’s free and you don’t have to peddle oils to all your friends because you get 25% of your OWN purchases refunded to you within a couple months! It’s a great deal, I don’t feel swindled and I have an amazing collection of really great oils now!
      Side by side they all smell different. DōTerra’s Peppermint and YL’s Peppermint and Barefūt’s Peppermint each smell unique, but in application I’ve found they all offer the same benefits. I healed a severe cut on my hand that probably should’ve been stitched up! I used Barefūt Frankincense, Helichrysum and Lavender. (Barefūt Helichrysum actually is a lesser plant than the one offered by YL and DōTerra but this is the only oil I’ve found this to be true for, the scientific name for the plant is right on the front of the label and it still has amazing healing properties.)
      I’ve been to several oil seminars by MLM reps for both DōTerra and YL, and while well intentioned, the reps give out a lot of misinformation regarding the use of oils in general. Some of it even dangerous! I use oils internally everyday. Whether this is good or bad for me I don’t know, but it’s my choice. I use lemon or orange or grapefruit or peppermint in my cold or hot water, I made some yummy lemony rice crispy treats and some refreshing peppermint brownies, I made some crowd pleasing turkey meatballs with oregano, basil, fennel and thyme. I’ve added lime to my guacamole and lemon to my salmon. That said, I wouldn’t hold a seminar and recommend this to my friends as I don’t feel confident in my research. (I’m just a little more experimental with my own body.) I’m currently seriously contemplating taking an aromatherapy course because oils have become a passion of mine that I’d like to eventually (knowledgeably) share with other people. But I’m definitely not comfortable at this point holding seminars for people! I’d be embarrassed! And I love public speaking!
      I’m mad at DōTerra and YL for sending people out there to misinform the masses. I’m mad at them for their made up “certified” quality standards. I’m mad at them for their competitive and snarky banter! So what if some disgruntled employees left YL and opened DōTerra using their previous company as a template for success, tweaking things as they see fit.
      The one company that I believe in that hasn’t been mentioned is Mountain Rose Herbs. In the research I’ve done I’ve found them to be a reputable, well trusted company that is not an MLM and stays out of the drama, instead focusing on selling quality products. They seem to be well trusted by actual licensed aromatherapists instead of just housewives looking for some extra spending money or free oils. At this point in time though, I’m perfectly happy with the products from Barefūt as well as their price point and selection so I don’t see a need to purchase from Mountain Rose Herbs yet.

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